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Air or gas bubble in the blood

An air or gas bubble (air embolism) stops blood from flowing through the body. This serious mistake can happen during surgery or other procedures, like getting an injection. If blood flow is blocked, a patient can suffer a stroke or die.

This problem is reported as a rate per 1,000 patient discharges.

What safer hospitals do:

Staff is careful when inserting or removing a tube from a major vein to guard against air or gas getting into a patient’s bloodstream. All staff is trained to safely put in and take out catheters and other tubes. The hospital encourages staff to work as a team and closely watch patients during and after surgery to quickly detect an air embolism if it does happen.

1. Declined to Report: The hospital was asked to provide this information to the public, but did not.

2. Not Applicable: A measure is not applicable for a hospital. For example, if a hospital does not have an ICU, it will receive a score of “Not Applicable” on the ICU Physician Staffing measure.

3. Not Available: If CMS suppresses or does not publicly report data for a given measure, it is indicated as “Not Available.”

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Leapfrog Group Hospital Safety Score program grades hospitals on their overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. The grades are derived from expert analysis of publicly available data using 28 evidence-based, national measures of hospital safety. No specific representation is made, nor shall be implied, nor shall The Leapfrog Group be liable with respect to any individual patient’s potential or actual outcome as a result of receiving services performed at any of these hospitals. Hospital Safety Scores cannot be republished without express written permission from The Leapfrog Group.