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For Hospitals

More than 2,600 general hospitals will receive a Hospital Safety Score. However, we are unable to assign a score to hospitals without adequate publicly available data, such as critical access hospitals, specialized hospitals, children’s hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, etc. Leapfrog and its Blue Ribbon Expert Panel are working to overcome issues of missing data in order to be able to assign a Hospital Safety Score to more hospitals in the future.

The Hospital Safety Score uses nationally available publicly reported data, which currently includes the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the voluntary Leapfrog Hospital Survey. If you are a hospital with questions about the Hospital Safety Score, you can reach our help desk at or

If your hospital would like to issue a press release announcing your Hospital Safety Score, please contact Erica Mobley at for a template release that you can customize to your hospital. For information on licensing your score in order to be able to use it in advertising, please visit the licensure page.

How can I improve my Hospital Safety Score? While Leapfrog remains committed to collecting and publicly reporting data on hospital safety and quality, it does not engage in direct consulting with hospitals related to performance improvement. To assist organizations in accelerating improvement and prompted by requests from hospitals themselves, Leapfrog is pleased to announce a collaboration with The Advisory Board Company, a leading health care research, technology and consulting company. Given the improtance of CPOE in hospital quality and safety performance, the Advisory Board's ID Strategy Council research group has compiled its CPOE best-practice research into a single resource. The best-practice compendium can be accessed by any hospital or health system at


Scoring Methodology (April 2014): Download